Yo everyone, Ellie here. Below are three rules I'd like you to keep when posting and such...

1. At the start of each post, state your name somehow (e.g. Hi everyone, this is Paradox... ect.). That makes it a bit easier for me (and you guys probably) to read, knowing whom it's coming from.

2. If you're posting something you wrote, please list the title of the book/short story that it's from

3. Please label your posts with the name of the book it's from. If it is just a short random post containing none of your writing, use the label "Has nothing to do with anything". Also please add the label of your name to all your posts. (If you don't know how to make/use labels, e-mail me)

Also, capatalize all titles, names, generes etc

Have any questions? e-mail me...

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