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Welcome to the beta-reading page! This is where we post links to larger works so you can read them in one smooth sitting, comment, and such. Some of the works are linked-off as they contain mature content not suitable for the blog itself. Please read all such warning pages in the linked material before proceeding to read a work itself.

If you have any questions on how beta reading works, how to comment or use the hosting platforms, or how beta reading a work is helpful to an author, leave a comment on the page or e-mail Ellie.

A novel on belief, truth, and love.

Dustjacket syonpsis:
Claria is a girl with no past that she can remember, and no future but what she can create for herself. She washes up on a dirty, war-torn island filled with weak, squabbling people. Believing only in her own strength for success, and in her own mind as her guiding compass, she sets out to win power, romance, and happiness. But at the end of all her escapades, she is left a shattered shell of who she once was, after having abused her power, killed hundreds of people, and gone insane multiple times. Only the wise words of Grant Lockwood, the man who has given everything to stay with her, can help her untangle the mess of her, and all of humanity's, tragic existence.

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