Monday, January 27, 2014

CAUGHT IN A DREAM--Sierra Lynn Close

Ello everyone! It’s Sierra, the member who never does anything… Anyroads, I’d love to see what you guys think of this prose piece that I wrote. I have it posted on my other blog, but nobody reads that. And for any of y'all wondering, the writing style is inspired by some of Adam Young's posts on his blog (Adam Young--Owl City)
I hope y’all enjoy! :)

Caught in a Dream
by Sierra Lynn Close

     I lay in bed wondering if you are thinking of me. Spiders weave webs in the corners of the walls and I try to imagine that I won't get caught in those sticky strings. But the sun beginning to stream through my window, a bright and warm light, glistens on the strands making it tempting to run my fingers across those webs. Maybe a soft, sweet melody would play if I strummed them.
     But no. Yet that original wonder that woke me early this morning still races around my head. I woke up from a dream, almost convinced that once I opened my eyes you would be standing there. I would smile, our hands would meet, and our steps upon the path for our early morning walk would keep the beat for the birds singing in the treetops.
     Reality keep s me from acting out this scene on my own; yet, the imagination is a strong force. How many times have I been tempted to forget what convention says and to do what my heart says? I know now why I don't do it though--the heart is deceitfully wicked. Oh, how I've learned that.
    I still dream of being with you though. The images which dance around in my head at night sneak in during the day and trudge along slowly. Still I dream. I dream.


  1. I like this, its pretty and poetic. The line "and our steps upon the path for our early morning walk would keep the beat for the birds singing in the treetops" seems a bit of a mouthful. The whole flow of the peace is good. Good job, your style is beautiful. : )

  2. Thanks a bunch Morgan! :) I'll have to work through this again, fixing my wordiness (like the "early morning walk" line you referenced to)... That's something I have troubles with. xD


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