Wednesday, November 7, 2012

(Extremely) Random storyline

Greetings, humans...You know who you are...This is Siarles.
A teen writers' group I frequent is working on a joint venture...this is my first entry.
Scoff, mock, and try to find a plot line! 

Prologue: Undesireable Elements
This book is an epic tale that ends with a robot, a large bomb, and genocide.  However, that trifling detail does not concern the beginnings of the madness.  Rather, it was a symptom of what transpired beforehand.  (As a side note, those who turn to the end of the story to see the end will be electrocuted by a cleverly placed charge on the last page.  How you will read the last page if you read the rest already is none of our concern.)  In a world with three rival kingdoms, mercenary felines, and robots, who comes out on top and why?  That is the Question…the Answer follows.  And it’s not 42.

Location: Unknown ( A ridiculous statement, because the characters know exactly where they are.)

Okkandirsday 11 Jund W.C. 3311
Government runs on the wheels of corruption.  This seems to always be the way of things, especially in Die Stadt Der Rädern.  The Demogauge runs the Chambers of government, forcing all classes to pay for the advancement of the societal detritus that clogs the cogs of justice.  Rather than allow the Trades settle their own affairs, government throws funds at the problem that are needed elsewhere.  Our educational systems are in a state of disarray, the courts are a shambles, and our military is the only thing that keeps the hated Imperials away from our homeland.  Even the Anarchist Guild has seemingly given up on changing matters, content to allow the scum of the majority to overrun the morals of the minorities.  Surely this was not what the Fathers intended…

Hans glanced up from his journal as Kiel cursed the weight of his pack.  The profane defector from the Empire had been something of the brains behind this whole operation, but without Hans, there was no network, no secret society that could put such an ambitious scheme into effect.  Hans shrugged.  “Too heavy for you?”
“Never.  Since you’re as useless as a priest, I have to lift the big items.  Where do I put this?”
            Hans scanned a blueprint of their locale, a seemingly weak building.  “At the base.  Two meters to your left.” 
            “Have I mentioned I miss taxis?  At least the Empire gave me public transportation.  Here, I have a terrible job and a less-than-useless walker.”  Kiel dumped the bag on the ground rather unceremoniously, given the contents, and gestured to his modified Stromralk 84. 
            “Taxis are a waste, Kiel.  If you are quite through placing the package, let us leave here.”
            The two men climbed back into the walker and left the scene.  Incidentally, a monk of the Sacred Order found the equation for the meaning of life, but was crushed by a passing Stromralk 84 before he could cross the street to his monastery.  That was a pity for the entirety of the Universe.

Throrsanday 12 Jund W.C. 3311
Location: Still a mystery to everyone, except the characters. 

The city of Die Stadt Der Rädern (or Rädernburg, as most refer to it) was busy noticing the arrival of the Empire’s foreign ambassador.  It is thought that most of the citizens of Rädernburg would have voted for a war with the Empire if they thought they had the majority, but the curious fact is that individuals assume that they are the only ones with a certain view, and they therefore wrote in their own vote.  Since no two citizens ever wrote in the same vote, the Guild of the Demagogue would claim the victory of the majority, which was the opposite of reality.  At any rate, the tension between the Empire and Hüntenstein was palpable.  It is therefore no surprise that right at a key moment in diplomatic negotiations between the Chancellor and the emissary a peace was hammered out.  However, slightly shocking is the fact that when the Chancellor and the emissary attempted a joint conference with the Free Press, an explosive charge (placed two feet to the left of where the diplomats were standing) detonated, killing the emissary and the Chancellor. 
The Monk was interred at the only mortuary on his street.  No one connected the two events, and rightly so. 

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