Tuesday, December 27, 2011

My House

Hello! This Is Sierra aka SugarPop97. This is just a short story, paragraph group I wrote for Writing Magic. Tell me what you think. Enjoy!

My House

               It was a witchy house: the lowslung roof; that quiet grey paint; those squinting, shuttered windows; and the empty porch rocker that rocked, rocked, rocked day and night. Never mind no one had lived in this house for over seventy years. Never mind everyone in town  thought it was haunted. Never mind that the neighbors all around are scarier than a haunted house. It was mine.
                My own house. My first house. I no longer had to live in a cramped, dirty little apartment, in a sweaty little dorm, with my parents. I was free and alone; Free and independent- I liked the freedom of these words. I said them aloud just to taste them on my tongue. I loved it. Every little bit of it.
                Really, I wasn’t planning on buying this house. I wasn’t planning on dropping out of college. I wasn’t planning on still being single. But plans change, sometimes for the better. I just had to get away from everything and maybe this was the way to go. I had to find out. I scraped together all of my money, got some loans, did odd jobs around town- I put together just enough money to buy this house. I also found a job. I obviously needed one to be able to pay for food and housing utilities and other things that people have to pay for when there an adult. Adult. Another word I said aloud to get its taste on my tongue.
                I brought my boxes into the house. My clothes, books, papers, and just plain junk I brought inside. All of my worldly possessions in my own house. I walked to my room. My own room in my own house. The hallways I walked through from my living room to my bedroom were drafty but I didn’t mind. As I stepped into my room and smelled the strong odor of mothballs I made a mental note to buy some Febreeze. After all, I didn’t want my own room to smell like mothballs. I sat down on my bed which had been moved in earlier. I sighed contentedly and thought about my future living in this wonderful house. My house.

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