Sunday, October 30, 2011

Tidbit of a Novel

I thought  it was really about time I post something, so here is a snippet of the novel I'm am currently working on.  The novel is under the working title of German Brothers, because I haven't come up with a proper title yet.  Sorry if this turns out to be somewhat confusing.  I grabbed it from somewhere in the middle/towards the end.  It's a historical fiction, set in WWII France.  Hope you enjoy. :o)
Morgan J

“Serge, take Monsieur Jean and the prisoner out the back way, and make sure they are not caught.”  “Yes Sir.”  The short young man saluted respectfully, and gave his superior officer a warm hand shake before taking Jean’s arm and escorting him out of the room hurriedly.  The two men paused only long enough to grab Major Einrich, then they were out the back and running down a dark, trash littered ally.  Suddenly shots rang out behind them, and the terrifying sound of ricocheting bullets wined over their heads, fallowed immediately afterwards by commands to halt given in German.  As soon as the shots sounded Serge had grabbed the major by the back of the coat and thrown him down behind a pile of trash and ruble, pushing Jean down almost at the same time, and fallowing in right behind them.  “Monsieur,” the young man started breathlessly, as he hugged the ruff cobbles stones.   “You must keep going; I will stay here and hold them off.  Do you have a gun?”  Jean pulled out the German Luger that Doctor Souder had given him, and held it up for Serge to see as an answer to his question.  “Good,” was all the young Frenchman replied, as he turned to aim a quick shot over the pile of trash and ruble that sheltered them.  “What about the prisoner?”  Jean asked after the storm of bullets that had answered Serge’s single shot, had subsided.  “If I am not able to get away, then I’ll shot him.”  The tall young man called Jean crouched there for a moment without replying, then he glanced over at the German lying there his hands tied and his mouth gagged.  “I could take him with me,” he finally started turning back to the doubtful Serge.  “It would be easier for me to get away with him then for you.  And if I run into more soldiers, I can always use him as a shield.”  Serge looked skeptically over at major Einrich then asked hesitantly, “Do you think you can manage him?”  “Yes I believe I can.”  “Don’t hesitate to shot him if you have to, he is not as important as you.”  Jean only nodded that he understood, and taking a firm grip on Major Einrich’s arm he dragged him to his feet.  At the same time Serge started up a deadly rain of fire that made all the German solders at the opposite end of the alley dive for cover.  Under the protection of that hail of bullets, Jean pulled the Major further down the alley and into a cross street.  Once out of ear shot of the gun fire the young man with the gun slowed down to a fast walk, and forced the German officer to follow his example.  Suddenly, the sound of boots pounding on the hard cobble stone street ahead of them caused Jean to through Major Einrich into a narrow alley off to the left.  The alley was dimly light and narrow, bare of cover and a dead-end.  Shoving the German up against the dingy alley wall Jean pressed him tight to its damp surface, with the barrel of his Luger against the young solder’s neck.  They could hear the Germans approaching at a steady trot, than the first ones came into view.  Jean had taken a hold of Major Einrich's shoulder to inshore his keeping still, and when they first caught sight of the troop of Germans he could feel Einrich tense up.  Instantly, Jean’s grip tightened and he pressed the barrel of the gun painfully into the back of the German's neck. 


  1. wow! i could never write something like that, that takes a lot of good imagination. i do think, though, that a couple of times you used words when i think you meant something else...

  2. Thank you for the encouragement Swegan, I appreciate your comment. :oD

  3. Well done, Morgan. I'm also writing a WWII novel. Well, technically it is Pre-World War II but it is set in Berlin and has German people in it. Keep up the good work!

    And thank you for joining my blog.

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