Thursday, May 19, 2011

So I'll Be.

It's done. Finished. Finally.


My book. MY BOOK IS DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

With 59,874 words 136 pages.

This is not surprising me as much as it should. Probably because I still have at least one more and probably two more books to go :). The good guys haven't won yet. But my stopping spot was where they found their courage and meaning and all. And I got to end it with a lovely poem (not mine own):

It is not death to die,
To leave this weary road,
And midst the brotherhood on high
To be at home with God.

It is not death to close
The eye long dimmed by tears,
And wake, in glorious repose,
To spend eternal years.

It is not death to bear
The wrench that sets us free
From dungeon chain, to breathe the air
Of boundless liberty.

It is not death to fling
Aside this sinful dust
And rise, on strong exulting wing
To live among the just.

Jesus, Thou Prince of Life,
Thy chosen cannot die:
Like Thee, they conquer in the strife
To reign with Thee on high.

- H. A. César Malan

That's all I have to say for now. :0


  1. Awesome! Congrats on finishing your book and that poem is cool! :)

  2. Most excellent! Now you get to start editing and all that fun stuff. My favorite part!

    (I wish there was a sarcastic font, because that's what I would have just used...)

  3. Haha. Actually I'm not going to do a lot of "editing" beyond grammar/sentence structure. I've been doing a whole bunch of plot editing as I wrote and re-wrote (I'm on my 8th major plot change) but now I'm good where it is. But we'll see. :)

  4. Yeah Ellie!!! SOOO excited for you! (and that poem is really sweet!) So have you started looking for an editor and a publisher and all that? Can't wait to see it in print! (I get I signed copy, right? :P)


  5. Ohmygosh!! That's amazing!!! Good for you :D I could never write a book that long xD

    Love, Love, Love, the poem <3