Saturday, May 14, 2011

Hi guys!, KatieM here, and I recently finished a short, sweet and intensive segment on poetry in my English class. Up till now I have never finished a poem... ever. I've started tons and had lots of great ideas, but none ever matured into anything. And then, in four days, I pumped out four pretty sweet poems! Anyways, I'll stop rambling and get to the point, ...well I kinda already got to the point, that I wrote some poems that I'd like to share, so here they are...

This poem as three parts, hope it doesn't confuse!


You said you were mine


Being hers, but toying with me—you have stepped over the line


And know you will fall


In the dark, when it all came to light


You sealed your doom that night


Blood drips from the dagger in my mind


My hate stabs you, kill you—but to it you are blind


Jaded by falsehoods, scathed by deceit,


You have organized my defeat


Living broken, surviving half there


Love you have taken, leaving me in disrepair


I hate you


i heard of someone, who lived long ago


who could heal my bruised and broken soul


to Him I take my scars and hurts


and in return, life renewed—I will never revert


my shame, my hurt, my guilt is lifted


your love to me you have now gifted


and now I am free


troubled soul, bleeding heart


a loved one a dear one will soon depart


my strong hold, my hiding place


i run headlong into you embrace


the storms of life weigh me down


to Him I cling that I will not drown


jobs dry up, finances grow slim


with all my troubles I will run to Him


and forever I will call Him mine

For this poem I had to use the element of alliteration (Repetition of a particular sound in the first syllables of a series of words and/or phrases.)


Dark and dreary, dank and dusty—dreams dauntingly distress.

Thudding and threatening, thrashing and thrusting—thoughts theoretically thunderstorm.

Edgy and entangled, egotistic and enlivened —emotions embarrassingly express.

Warning and wary, woeful and wraithy—words worryingly wail.

Anxious and agitated, apprehensive and afraid—actions alarmingly abound.

Hellish and harrowing, hideous and haunting —hallucinations horribly harass.

Scratching and slashing, smothering and strangling—sounds steadily scream.

I absolutely love wind! (and nobody else seems to) So I wrote this poem to convert all you wind-haters! Or at least give you another look at...

The Wind

It whooshes and whispers, and wills me to follow.

My curtains shiver in delight

As the wind does cartwheels through its silky folds.

The wind thrusts open my door, and I follow it out into the world.

I stare about me in awed wonder;

My world has been transformed into a niche of mystery,

By the magical entity we call wind.

The sun grins from ear to ear,

As she spills down ocean-fulls of priceless golden filigree,

Which the wind tosses and spins in a lively ballet.

It turns solid stately status of stiff wood,

Into dancing and swaying green-clad maidens

That wave as I stroll by.

Daisies and daffodils nod in agreement

At a whispered confession.

The wind shares secrets with every petal-headed flora.

Wheeling and whirling with the ocean surf.

Fish learn they can fly,

As the wind tossed them skyward.

The wind shushes over fields of grasses

And rattles skeletons of seasons past.

It swooshes though leaf-laden arms,

Making them sound like pattering rain.

Birds, harmonizing with the enchanting melody,

Ride wind-waves, soaring and swooping,

Stars of a daytime sky.

The wind rumples and rustles my hair,

And gently caresses my cheek.

I feel like I am truly alive,

As I stand on this hilltop

Overlooking a magical earth.

I raise my arms and believe I can fly,

The wind lifting me to my toes.

The skies grow dim as the sun alters facades.

The world turns a pinky darkness.

The wind show its artistry,

As it sculpt and molds.

Silhouettes and cloud-shapes

Fill the blushing heavens.

Stars start to appear, in a black velvet sky.

From my window they wink at me

Through inky tree branches,

With whom the wind is dancing, slowly swaying,

Lulling me to sleep.

This poem I wrote for my mom for mother's day. I also had to use Iambic Pentameter (how many beats in a line) which was a pain to say the least.


What can I say that will quite sum up all,

The things you’ve done since I was small.

There are things I do not recall,

But I know that it must be true,

Those endless nights when I would squall.

To you I think some thanks is due.

You cared for me through chicken pox and flu,

Diapers demanding changing too.

When was I five, how much I grew,

You held me through those nights of pain

And clinic stays you pulled me through.

Weary, still you didn’t complain.

Then you introduced to me new terrain.

My ABC’s you did ingrain,

Though numbers rather hurt my brain.

My reading love that you did fuel,

And English rules you would explain,

So, thank you mom, I love Homeschool!

Now mom, I know sometimes you lose your cool,

And I do not obey your rule.

We can be stubborn as a mule,

At times we quarrel and we fight,

And act like we are in preschool,

But always we will make it right.

And now from you I’ll claim all my birthrights

I got my hair from you alright!

To me you gave some great insight

Of how to act the proper way

Though I still got your eyesight!

But hey, I love you anyway.

As I matured, our bond grew quite soigné

And we became best friends, hurrah!

Keep each secret, never betray.

When my heart was broken and scarred,

You pointed me back to Yahweh

And held me when I cried so hard.

At times my friendships would be marred

And communications were barred.

To do the right you pushed me hard,

Always fighting, never leaving.

You and I the fervent vanguard

When lost friends I am still grieving.


Thank you mom for never leaving,

To you I’ll be always be cleaving,


I love you Mom.

Ok, sorry this is such a long post,

And I better get to bed, (church tomorrow) so, Goodnight!


  1. Cool! Have you tried sonnets? I think you might enjoy them. =)

  2. No, i haven't yet, but they look like fun!
    I'll have to give it a try, thanks for the suggestion!