Friday, September 17, 2010

The Last Part

Well here it is the last part of Light, enjoy . . . .


"Put you hands behind your head!"  Trevor commanded, the stranger obeyed, "Stand up!" again the stranger obliged by standing up.  You couldn't tell by listening to him, but Trevor was practically beaming with joy.  What a catch, this was without a doubt an officer of high rank.  One didn't often bring in a prisoner of high rank.   Trevor came out from behind the tree and quickly relieved the officer of his pistol, sticking it in his belt.  The officer seemed about to protest, when Trevor ordered him to "Turn around!".  Trevor enjoyed watching the officer's reaction, to a Rebel so close to the capitol.  The officer's surprise was all he had hoped it would be, at seeing Trevor's dirty brown rebel uniform, that was just slightly too big for him. 

"You there, get up!"  Trevor said roughly, waving the rifle menacingly in the boy's direction.  The officer immediately moved to help the boy up, that's strange, what's a boy, to an officer of the Maryland army?  "You there move, come on."  The officer's action aroused Trevor's suspicions as well as worried him, could the officer be planning to use the boy as a shield, or as some sort of distraction?  Trevor's mind raced with all sorts of radical ideas of what the officer would do, and how Trevor's bravery and skill would at last bring him down.  Then it would turn out that the officer was really Capt'n Stage himself and he would surrender his whole camp to Trevor. . . 

The officer was going to try something, he stayed close to the boy, and always had a hand on his arm, almost like he was giving the boy signals.  Trevor was brave, and he was clever, but he wasn't quite ready to display his talents in that way, just yet.  So he ordered them to walk in single file the boy first then the officer, and Trevor keeping a close eye on both of them, walked just behind the officer. 


Peter was having trouble, he couldn't walk fast and he was constantly tripping over something, because the Rebel wouldn't let Jim help the poor kid.  The Rebel kept going after the kid, he wouldn't rest, he kept making him go faster and when he tripped, he would threaten the kid.  Now that was something Jim could not handle, if that good for nothing, yellow belly Reb threatens the kid again, then I don't care if he did say to keep quite, I'm going to tell him a thing or two!  His chance came when Peter tripped over a small mound of earth, and took a hard fall.  The Rebel by now, was thoroughly exasperated with the kid, and raised the barrel threateningly above Peter's head.  Jim sprang forward between them, and facing the Rebel, "You leave him alone. . . He's blind!"

The Rebel stared at him a minute, like he was trying to comprehend what Jim just said, then he looked at Peter, who had struggled to his feet, his face turned towards Jim.  The Rebel gasped and staggered back a step, Jim didn't wait, the Reb's attention was all on Peter, and that gave Jim a chance to jump him.  Jim grabbed the Rebel's rifle and with one swift motion, he wrenched it from his hands and at the same time sent him backwards onto his back.  Next, he went over to Peter, he was alright, he was already up and Jim told him how things stood, while keeping a sharp eye on his prisoner.  The man was stunned, he just lay there, staring at Peter, it was making Peter uncomfortable he shuffled his feet, and moved around.  Jim was about to get prisoner moving back the way they'd just come, when the man seemed to wake himself, and sitting up looked half hopefully and half fearfully at Peter, and asked "Pett?".  Jim was afraid at first that the kid would collapse, right then, but the kid grabbed onto his arm and asked "Trev, is that you?"  "ya," was the answer, in a low voice filled with the smile on the speaker's face.  Peter suddenly let go of Jim's arm and half ran, half stumbled in the direction of the speaker.  The young man was on his feet now and he caught one of the boy's out stretched hands and in a moment they were locked in each others arms.  Finally after a few minutes of excited talk, Peter remembered Jim, and turning to him said "oh, Jim I want you to meet Trevor! -- My brother."


I'm not sure Jim quite understands yet, but then again, he didn't know about Trev running away from home five years ago.  I used to wonder why exactly did he run away, when I was sick of  the fever, and finally I got a chance to ask him.  He said that he had, without anyone noticing, overheard a conversation between the doctor and our mom, in which the doc said that I was as good as dead it was only a matter of minutes.  Trevor was truly broken hearted, because he had been my best and closest friend.  He tried to get away from this sadness by running away, he also joined a Rebel militia for the same reasons. 

The war is over now, Trevor is home again safe and sound, after that eventful day he went back to his militia, after promising me to come home as soon as possible.  He stayed with the militia for the duration of the war, and when an amnesty was granted for the Rebel soldiers, he went home.  Jim, well he completely forgot about that surprising news that he was bringing to me when the whole thing started.  And it wasn't till the next morning that Shep and Jack told me how that mean Capt'n Stage had promoted Jim from a Sergeant to a First Lieutenant.

You can see the sky now.  It was a hard winter, but the sun is out now and spring is in the air.  The forest floor is sprinkled with little spots of color, as the flowers wake from they’re long winters sleep.


  1. I love the ending! It was totally unexpected, and I probably never would have guessed that Peter was blind. Great job!


  2. Realistic, well-rounded characters. Good job tying up all the loose ends.

  3. Nice job! I definitely didn't see the twist ending coming.

    One thing... you might want to make your sentences a bit shorter. Several of them are quite long and thus somewhat hard to follow. Typically, you probably want to use few commas and only one or two conjunctions per sentence. More than that and I, for one, get confused.

    But yeah, otherwise, nice job. =)

  4. Thanks, Paradox! That's good advice. (o:

  5. Sure. =)

    (To everyone: sorry I've been MIA. I've had little time for writing because of schoolwork. I also have a shortage of ideas. =P)