Thursday, September 9, 2010

Greetings from the Rookie!

Hello there this is me!  Your newest author.  You can call me Morgan J, I am a 16 year old Christian girl.  I live on seventeen acres, in northeast Oklahoma, with my wonderful, inspiring family, of five siblings and amazing parents.  I have been home-schooled since the beginning, and that's not The Beginning, just my beginning.  I usually write short stories because they're faster, but I am working on a hist. fiction novel, and a sci-fi book of uncertain length, that will probably end up as a novel.  I love writing, but my spelling is . . um . . dare I say it (cringe) . . it's . . well let's just say it needs work.  (Thank goodness for spell check) :o)  Thanks for letting me join, I enjoy reading all your stories, and I'll be posting soon.


  1. Yeah, welcome. Your stories sound really interesting. I can't wait to read them. :) And the best way to work on your spelling is to read more books. Really, it helps amazingly and it's fun. :) But praise the lord for spell check! :P

  2. Ellie gives good advice. READ, READ, READ. Especially read classics. The newer stuff (especially in the YA section) tends to be a bit... how do I say this nicely?... less than edifying. *cringe*

    So all of you... please write and publish good YA books! We need them sorely.

    And *ahem* yes, welcome to the blog. =D

  3. What books do you like best, and what are your favorite authors?

  4. Welcome Aboard!!! Hope You like it here with us(: