Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Chapter 1 of Athena's Camp

Hey, its Halo. Blogger hasn't been letting me copy and paste stuff into it, so I'll have to literally COPY it. So until then, I'm just going to randomly write something that has been on my mind! I have no idea where its going though... Comments? =]

Juhanna emerged from the bush, covered with twigs and leaves. She held out her knife and wiped a bead of sweat from her forehead. "Let him go." She grumbled at the man holding a knife to her brother's neck. "You let that knife touch him, and I throw mine at you." She willed her eyes to be fierce. The man squinted his eyes and nodded towards the sack hanging off her shoulder. "Gimme." He grunted. "If you do, I'll let him go." He snarled. Juhanna bit her lip. Her brother shook his head. "Don't do it Juju." He managed. "Fine." She said, putting away her knife, and handing over her sack, clearly ignoring her brother. Her brother started to cry silently. "Now let him go." She still rested her hand on her knife, in case she needed it. "Eh, I don't know. He might be useful to Master Zeunn." Juhanna growled and pulled her knife back out, getting closer to the man. She pushed the tip of her knife harshly against his neck. "Now." She said, with all her might. The man set his jaw. He clearly wasn't letting him go. Juhanna slashed his neck, hard, causing blood to ooze from his new scar. He grunted, and put one hand to his neck. "Let him go, or I'll do worse!" She yelled at the man. He dropped her brother, and ran off, his prize in hand. Her brother fell to the ground, moaning. "Erenn! Erenn, are you okay?" She asked, falling to the ground next to him. "I'm fine." He replied. She grabbed his hands, and pulled him up. "We have to get out of here. Fast." Erenn scowled at her. "You let him take the sack. For me? I can't believe you traded something so incredibly important, for something worth nothing." He said angrily. "I'm sorry, but you are worth everything to me. I'll get it back, once your back in our village, safe and sound." He shook his head. "It's my fault. I'm helping you get it back." Juhanna pulled him behind a tree. "No, you're going to be safe. Don't take this the wrong way, but you're only slowing me down. Just do as you're told for once!" Erenn looked at his feet, hurt. "Fine. Only because its causing you trouble." Juhanna frowned. "Okay, come on."
   They treked through the thick forest filled with sappy trees and wet foliage. Eventually, they were back in the small village, having not said one word to each other the whole way back. Erenn came back in shame, and Juhanna figured that was why he had wanted to help her get the sack back. No doubt he would be punished by father. She gave him an encouraging push, and gathered some supplies for the journey back. She had lost two traveling buddies, and almost her brother. She would need to gather more traveling companions. She grew more and more depressed with every step, remembering all of her memories with her two lost friends. She wiped away a tear, and reminded herself of her true destiny. She stepped into her small hut, across from her father's and mother's. Once age 14, they acquire their own hut. Three years later they marry, and join their spouse's  hut. Since Erenn was only 12, he was still in their parents hut. She pulled out a bag, and pushed in all of her required supplies. She sniffed the smoky air. From behind her, she heard screams and cries. She darted outside, to see her parent's hut burning to the ground. She yelled, and dashed to their aid. Suprisingly, nobody else looked about ready to help. She followed the now mumbled screams. At the edge her mom was about to pass out against the back corner. Juhanna got on her knees and crawled to her mom. She pulled her down, and dragged her behind her, out into the fresh forest air. Juhanna pushed her mom, causing her to roll down the hill, away from the burning hut. Was Erenn in there? Her father the cheif? She pushed her way back in, to find her dad wedged underneath the bottom edge of the hut. She tried pulling him, with no luck. She started coughing from the smoke, and was losing all her energy. "Someone help! The Cheif is stuck! Someone help!" She yelled. She let go of his hand, and crawled out quickly. She stood up and ran to the outside. She tried pulling him out from that side, to no prevail. Panic. "Someone help! Help! The Cheif is stuck!" Why was nobody coming? Couldn't someone hear her? Nobody saw the flames? Where was Erenn? She used all her might to scream as loud as she could, before all of her air left her, and she passed out on the wet grass.
        Noise. That was all she could sense when she awoke. Maybe someone was helping her father? She tried to peel her eyes open, but they felt glued shut. Speaking didn't look like a possiblility either. So, after much effort, she fell back asleep. When she awoke the second time, her eyes opened efortlessly. She shot up, and looked at her surroundings. She was still in the forest, but there were no huts within miles. She was laying on a mat in a large room, sturdy with wooden pillars. There was nothing covering the openings between pillars, so she was suprised the rain wasn't pouring in. Around her were other strange looking people on mats. Some were asleep, others were only slightly asleep, and the rest were awake in pain. Girls in little blue dresses were causing the noise that was erupting in her ears. They couldn't be that loud could they? They were tending to the others around her. One girl quickly hustled to Juhanna's side, concern on her face. Her hair was bright orange, pulled back into a ponytail, and her face was dotted with freckles. All of the girls tending to the people around her, were orange or red haired, with freckles. Their eye color varried, though. All of them looked about age seven. "You're awake?" She said, looking at Juhanna with her big blue eyes. "Obviously. Where am I? Is my dad okay? Did my mom ever wake up? Where is my brother?" The girl shook her head, and put her index finger to her lips. "Quiet. You don't want to use all of your energy talking! You are at Athena's camp. The rest of the questions are not for me to answer." Juhanna licked her dry lips. "What do you mean? Isn't Athena the ancient Greek godess of Wisdom and War?" The girl nodded her head. "You seem dehydrated. Perhaps I could get you a glass of water?" Juhanna shrugged. The little girl scampered off, and came back minutes later with a cup shaped basket of water. She pressed it to Juhanna's lips, and let her drink. After she removed it, and set it on the table beside her mat, she smiled back at Juhanna. "That tasted strange." Juhanna grumbled. How could she trust that the girl hadn't poisened it? "It has some herbs for healing in it. Well, anyways, Athena's camp saves young girls between ages 6 and 16, that are in danger, and teaches them Archery and School Lessons. Then, they will move onto battles, and saving other children in danger at age 17. We call it Athena's Camp because of what we teach. Once you're healed, you'll move on to your lessons!" Juhanna shook her head. This was all wrong. She couldn't stay here, she had to retrieve the sack! This was nonsense. She already knew basic archery, and was smart enough to survive. Thats all she needed. "So what happened to my family?" She asked, fighting to keep her eyelids open. "Like I said, I am not authorized to answer those questions. I'm only a nurse." The girl replied, standing up. "Then who is?" Juhanna asked. The girl sighed, and everything became blurry and dark. She fell asleep.

I hope that all made sense, haha. =]


  1. I really liked it! Did you write any more of it?

    Abby :D

  2. Thanks! =] No I haven't written anymore, I actually just wrote it. I wanted to see what the reaction to it was, before I continued...