Sunday, August 1, 2010

Hey Halo Here

Hey ppl, I am the newest author, Halo Grace. I have two books I will share with you, but I'll start with the short prologue for my novel, "Gem The Nymph." Any suggestions, would be great. I hope you like it! =]
Time has never been very important to me. I have never worn a watch, nor have I ever cared to know the present time. I was standing on the balcony, looking down at the dark waves crashing onto the shore. My curly, black hair dangled around my head, reaching for the ocean. My green eyes shone like the stars, above my head. I grasped my emerald stone necklace, for fear of it leaving my neck. My Pa gave it to me, because he said it matched my eyes. I brought one had to my face, still clutching the emerald in the other. My face was completely smooth. I brought three fingers to my mouth. My lips were bright red. I brought my hand back to the rail and smiled. My Pa named me Gem for a reason. My hair is the color of the black gem, Onyx, and my eyes the color of Emerald. My face felt as smooth as pearl, and my lips were Ruby red. And my smile. As beautiful as Diamond. My Pa once told me that the Emerald was his favorite gem, so I asked him if my eyes were my favorite part of me.It took him a whole minute, before responding. "Did I ever tell you that your heart is also like a gem?" I shook my head, curious as to what he would say. "Your heart is pink and sweet like the gem, Rhodolite."I had never heard of this gem before, but it made me feel special to hear him say that. Ever since then, he would call me Rho. I stepped away from the balcony and slipped into my room. My mom passed away soon after my birth, so I never got a chance to know her. My dad tries to make up for it, by being a great dad. I slipped out of my dress clothes, and into my nightgown. I never knew that everything I loved most could be taken away from me in a second.