Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Enzo's Awakening

Hey ya'll! It's Halo =] I finally got blogger to let me copy and paste...witht the help of Ellie. My sister's friend requested a short story from me, and gave me one word to go off of. "Clocks." So this is indeed my twist-ended short story, that I hope you like! Comment? =]

Enzo’s Awakening

Tick Tock. Tick Tock. Tick Tock. The little boy stared at the clock, watching it tick.
It was his favorite clock, and that was saying a lot. There were over 5000 clocks in this huge mansion. His eyes watered and burned, from not blinking. He had spent two whole hours staring at this one clock, without one small blink. The corner of his mouth started to inch up in a curve. Finally, he smiled big and bold. “Yes! I did it!” He shouted, blinking his eyes to his hearts desire. “I beat my record! Two hours!” He practically hugged the clock. “Dinner!” A voice called. The boy sighed, and slunk to the dining hall. “Enzo, where have you been?” Enzo rolled his eyes. “With the clocks. Where else would I be?” Enzo said, nonchalantly. The woman finished setting the table, and put her hands on her rather plump hips. “I figured you would have been finished around two hours ago.” Enzo shrugged. “I was being slow today.” Enzo said, while sitting down. “Obviously. I don’t want anymore of that diddle daddle okay? Eat up, and get to your room. You have a long day of work ahead of you.” Enzo glared at her before picking up his fork. “Don’t look at me like that. You wouldn’t be alive if it weren’t for me.” She said. Enzo shrugged and dug his fork into the lima beans. “Serena! I need another book!” A small voice called. Serena bit her lip. “I must attend to the reading princess, Edith now. Be sure to get some sleep!” Serena slipped out of the room, and headed to Edith’s aid.
          Enzo stomped up the long winding staircase, and into the attic. He sat down on his window seat, and stared out of the circular opening. He picked a vocal point (which ended up being a star), and stared at it. He wished that Serena would hurry to bed so that he could sneak out and steal one of Edith’s new books. Edith had a huge library, or so he was told. The only thing left to do around here was read. And did he have any books? Of course not! He was just Enzo. He was suddenly confident. If he got caught, what did it matter? Finally, he heard Serena’s gentle footsteps into her room, and he stood up, ready to charge upon his prey. He heard her door creak shut, and he started towards his door. He snuck down two flights of stairs, and turned the corner. There in front of him, were two huge doors, with golden handles, melted in the shapes of eagles. “The Library.” He whispered to himself.  He took a deep breath and pushed open one of the doors. There before him, were shelves and shelves, full of books. Enzo stood there, gawking, before he remembered to shut the door. He quickly, and quietly shut it. Than, he turned back, to gawk some more at the books. Which book did he want? He looked up, to see more levels of more shelves of books. He took a few steps in, and tried to decide which shelf to go to. He didn’t even know what kind of book he wanted! He shrugged, and walked straight forward. He stroked his chalky thin hand over a row of books, smiling. When his finger hit a bind, that was sticking out farther then the others, he stopped. He pulled it out, opened it, and leafed through its vintage pages. “Wow.” He mumbled to himself. “You’re planning on taking it, aren’t you?” A small voice murmured from the corner. Enzo’s eyes widened, and he dropped the book. He turned to the voice, to see a girl about a year younger then him, with brown curls, and a blue plaid dress sitting in a green reading chair. “You must be Enzo. Wanted to come take one of my books, or did you finally come to say hi? Well, either way, I’ll introduce myself. Hi, I’m Edith, I am nine years old, and I dare say, I have passion for reading. I call myself ‘The Reading Princess.’” Enzo scratched his head. “Uh, yeah. Nice to meet you?” Edith uncrossed her legs, and stood up. She smiled. “So, did you take an interest in that book you were holding?” She bent over, and picked up the book. She swept the dust off the cover with her fore arm, and handed it back to him. “Go ahead, and take it. I’ve got millions of others.  Can’t you see? I’m sure you don’t have any. Am I correct?” Enzo just nodded, and pushed the book into his jacket. “Thanks.” He mumbled. Edith shrugged. “So now that you’re here, I mine as well tell you the truth.” Enzo rubbed his head in confusion. “Uh, the truth? The truth of what?” Edith scoffed. “Obviously you don’t know, I haven’t told you yet! Patience is a virtue, my dear boy.” Enzo rolled his eyes. “I’m one whole year older than you, never met you before, and yet your talking to me like you’re my mother!” Edith frowned. “I let you steal the book, didn’t I?” Enzo huffed, and pulled the book back out. “Keep it. I don’t like old books anyways.” Enzo turned to leave. “Wait! I have to tell you what’s going on.” Edith yelled at him. Enzo stopped, without turning around. “Go on. Better make it quick though, or I’m out of here.” With a sigh, Edith sat back down. “The only reason you’re here is because Serena knew you were special, like me. Only, she decided to tell me the truth, and not you.” Enzo turned around. “Special as in, how?” Edith smiled tightly. “Special as in, you have powers. I do too. I can read any book within a second, without even opening it. I just have to see the cover. You can do just about anything with your eyes. All you know how to do with them, though, is see and keep them open. For all we know, you might be able to shoot lasers out of your eyes.” Enzo rubbed his eyes, and then put his hands on his hips. “Powers? I think not. I think you’re trying to trick me into some trap. I know you’ll tell Serena that I came in here. I really don’t care anymore. So tell her anything.” Edith laughed. “I should be asleep right now. If I told Serena that you barged into the library, then she would know that I had to be in the library as well. I won’t risk the trouble.” Enzo rubbed his wrist. “Isn’t the library yours, though?” Enzo asked. “Yes, but I am supposed to be asleep. Not reading!” Edith pointed to the small book across the room, standing open on the small table. “I was on my way to fetch that one, on the table. Until I heard you at the door, so I sat down.” Enzo nodded his head, and made his way over to the table. The book that stood there was a strange shade of yellow, and it didn’t have the title on the front. He picked it up, and flipped it open. “Anne of Green Gables. Why?” Enzo asked Edith. “Aren’t you curious as to why Serena would keep us? She is a rich lady, who doesn’t have the time for kids.” Edith responded. Enzo shrugged. “You just said yourself that its because we have powers. Besides, she uses me to do all her work. Don’t you like it here, though? I mean she obeys your every command.” Edith rolled her eyes. “Only when it comes to books. The only reason she keeps us here is because she is going to use us. Use us for what? I’m not sure yet. The only reason I have stayed here is the books. Not to mention the food, the clothes, the warmth, the basics.” Enzo stared at her like she was crazy. “I think the only thing going on here, is that you have read one too many books.” Edith scoffed. “I believe not. Well, actually that might be true, but that doesn’t mean that what I said isn’t true. The point is, that I’m not going to let her use me. I am packing up first thing tomorrow night. I’m offering to let you join me.” Before Enzo could open his mouth, she shushed him. “If you do decide to join me, you’ll pack up and meet me at the doors of this library, by 11:00 pm sharp. Otherwise, I’ll wait one more minute, and then I’m off.” Edith stood up, grabbed the book from his hands, and quickly turned and went out the door that went directly to her room. Enzo stood there for almost a whole second, before turning and leaving, himself.
         The next night, Enzo sat on his bed, deep in thought.  Should he stay and work for what he needed, or go out on the adventure he always wanted? He knew that this would be a life changing decision, and he wasn’t sure whether or not he was ready to make it. Finally, he packed his bag, and waited till it was five before eleven before sneaking down the stairs.
          “You ready?” Edith whispered. “Where are we going to go?” Enzo whispered back. Edith slapped her forehead. “I’m planning on taking us to the train station. How many times must I tell you?” Enzo raised his eyebrow. “This is the first.” Edith shrugged. “Follow me, we’ll talk outside.” She turned to the left, grabbed his hand, and squeezed down the tiny hall. She quickly opened up the back door, and dragged him out behind her. “How are we going to get there?” He whispered. She stuck her finger to her lips, and then pointed up at the window. “She’s still awake.” Enzo ran his hand through his scruffy, brown hair. Crickets sang their songs, and they occasionally had to swat at mosquitoes. After seeming like forever, the light switched off, and they ran through the back yard, and into the garage. “We’re bike riding there.” Edith whispered. Enzo smiled. “Now this is something I can do.” They made their way through the pitch-black garage, over to the bikes. Edith bit her lip. I can’t see them, Enzo.” Enzo smiled. “There is a really big one, and a really small one.”  Edith laughed. “You can see them? I call the small one.” Enzo nodded, and pulled out the small one. “Go ahead and get on it.” He whispered to her, before pulling out the bigger one. He also got on his. “Follow me, okay? There is another door that heads out front.” Edith nodded, and followed him out. “Do you know how to get there?” Enzo whispered. Edith nodded, and pedaled out in front of him. Now it was Enzo’s turn to follow. As they passed the garage, the huge security light switched on, and a light turned on, up in Serena’s bedroom. “Hurry!” They saw her shadow sweep over to the window, right before turning the corner, out of sight. They pedaled in the foggy darkness, all the way across town, to the downtown area. “Ah, my feet ache, Enzo.” Edith called out behind her. Soon, they pulled into the train station, where they parked the bikes, and walked over to the bright red ticket booth. “Two tickets to…uh.” Edith couldn’t decide where to go. She glanced back at Enzo, and he shrugged. “New York City. It’s easy to blend there. Or Los Angeles.” Edith faced back to the ticket window. “Two tickets to New York City please.” The lady behind the window had yellow-blonde hair put up in a bun, black glasses, and a gray knit sweater with a pink beaded rose pinned on the corner. She raised an extremely waxed eyebrow. “Two young children, alone on their way to New York City?” Edith nodded casually. “Is this a problem?” The lady sighed and shook her head. “Here you go.” She handed them the tickets. “It may be about twenty minutes before arrival.” Edith nodded her gratitude and, got back on her bike, with Enzo not far behind. “We can’t take the bikes, can we?” Enzo asked. Edith nodded her head. “Of course we can! They store them in the train. Don’t you know anything?” With that, they biked over the benches, and waited.
               Not too much longer, the train pulled up. Enzo and Edith pulled their bikes in and got settled into a small area, with two benches across from each other, a rack above their heads, where they put their luggage, and a window. Enzo peered out the window and smiled at the landscape as they passed through Kentucky. Edith soon lay down on her side, and fell asleep with a small smile on her face. They were ready to face destiny. Whatever destiny might be.
               “Enzo get up, you lazy bum!” Enzo rubbed his eyes. “Edith? Are we there yet?” The voice scoffed. “Whose Edith?” Enzo flung his eyes open, to see a girl about five years older than him, with bleach blonde hair, big blue eyes, a pink dress, and an attitude. She was smacking her gum very loudly. “Rihanna? Ugh, you mean that was all a dream? I’m not going on an adventure?” Enzo scowled and threw a pillow at his sister. “Mom said to wake you up for school!” Rihanna stomped out of the room, and Enzo sighed. He flopped his head back onto the pillow, and tried to escape back into his dream.


  1. That sure was an unexpected ending! Now I understand the title. I like it. :D

    Abby :D

  2. Hahaha, the title was actually really hard to figure out. What could I name it that hinted at the ending so that the reader goes "Ooooh!" without giving it away? So I finally came up with that..Anyways enough of my babbling!