Friday, July 9, 2010

Exploding Volcanoes...

Hey everybody! Ellie here!
The other day Charli told me I needed to post something, so here's a random bit of my book for you...

(From Chapter 9)
The next month I turned seventeen. I hadn't planned a party, and I thought that no one remembered that it was my birthday, just like last year. But after eating breakfast, Kala asked me if I wanted to go an a day-long ride with him. I quickly accepted. I asked Hara wanted to go too she shook her head, which was unusual. Kala and I saddled our horses, took a light picnic lunch, and soon started. When we got out of the west northwest gate, Kala turned his horse in a different direction than towards the beach.
“Where are we going?” I asked.
“To my favorite place on the island.” He replied.
“Have I been there?” I asked.
“No.” He replied, and we rode on in silence.
After almost two hours of riding, we galloped into a clearing. What I saw took my breath away. I had heard that there was a ruined fortress somewhere north of Elena. But when I had heard “fortress” I thought of some fort, not this gigantic stone castle.
It was built into the cliff face behind it, and the builders had diverted the river running along the cliff's edge into an always-full moat and constant fresh water supply. The castle itself was built in a conical shape, wide on the first story and growing thinner and thinner until it was only a tall spire. The whole castle was made from brown stone, and it was strong as well as beautiful. After admiring it for a minute, Kala told me to come. There was more to see.
We rode along the riverbank to the east for a half-mile or so. The cliff to our left gradually sloped down until it ended in a small mound. Kala turned his horse left, but pulled to stop at the river.
“The one thing I can never get myself to do is cross this river. It's so creepy.” He shuddered. He sat there for a minute.
“C'mon Kala! Near the fort it is very deep, but here it's only a foot or two.” I said. He sat, immovable on his horse for another minute, then began to back away from the water. I reached out and grabbed his horse's bridle, and kicked Merwyn, my horse into a canter. Muriel followed, for she loved water. Kala squealed like a girl and shut his eyes as the cold water splashed up around our legs. We were across in half a minute. Kala sat panting as if he had just ran a full mile. I smiled at him and he frowned back.
“You almost killed me! That was scary!” He huffed.
“But we're across.” I replied. “Now let's go.” He turned his horse northwest and set off at a canter. I followed him. The jungle here was thinner than the jungle around Elena, and we rode through it without the need for a path. After a while, the jungle cleared and I saw a gigantic mountain rising into the clouds. I had heard about it: it was the Mount Okeciroe. And legend says that it shook and belched forth fire when the gods were angry.
We rode up the mountain a ways, before Kala said we had to dismount. He tied our horses in a large patch of green grass, and, taking our lunch basket, we headed up the mountain.
For a while it was easy: a slightly-sloping path through a green field. But after a while we encountered a boulder field, and the going got more difficult. After almost and hour of hiking, we got to a gigantic outcropping in the side of the mountain. Kala sat down and brought out the food while I examined the view.
“This place is so beautiful! I want to live here!” I said, admiring the jungle stretched out below me for miles and miles.
“Like I've said before, the best view is from the top, but we're still not there.” Kala said.
“Do you just keep saying that to get me to the top?” I asked.
“No, no.” He said laughing.
We ate our lunches and continued up the east side of the mountain. The bright noon sun made the going very hot, and we stopped whenever we could find a shady spot to rest. After almost another hour of hiking, we came to the north, east and western summit. To the south, the mountain reached upwards a hundred more feet to the point. As we approached the pinnacle, Kala told me to keep looking at my feet till were there. I obeyed, and soon he stopped me at the edge of a cliff. I looked up. The view was stunning! To the south, I could see the tiny city of Elena and all the way down to the rocky shores on the south end. To the west, I could see out into the sea for miles. To the east, I could see down towards Kamik and out into the deep sea. To the north I could see the hills stretching out to the sea. Down to the south-west, the mountain receded into a deep bowl.
“That's the pit from which the gods blast fire.” Kala said.
“Can we go down and look at it?” I asked.
“Sure. Nobody I've ever known had cared to, but you can go right ahead. I'll stay behind you.” I proceeded down a boulder field and two cliffs before I was close enough to perceive the pit. Near the center, a small pit, filled with bubbling red goo, oozed and rumbled. I proceeded into the bowl around the pit, with Kala right at my heels.
The ground in the bowl was strewn with weird rock formations. Igneous rock formations. Actually, the whole west side of the mountain was covered in large layers of igneous rock. This thing must be an active volcano.
I walked towards the oozing pit in the center as the rumblings and quaking got louder. Sometimes a small quake would knock Kala and I to our knees, and as we approached we could feel the unbearable heat. Kala was now alongside me, as curious at the volcano as I was, and ready to protect me from the fiery pit. Suddenly the ground underneath Kala cracked and his foot fell in. I grabbed him and pulled him out with all my force. His foot had broken through the crusty ground and punched a hole into the earth. I wondered what was down there, but my question was answered before I was ready, when a mini-geyser of lava shot out of it's new escape hole. The hole quickly widened. I turned and ran for it, Kala, who had regained his feet and backed away from the hole, was close behind me. Suddenly, a gigantic quake sent us to our feet, and I looked behind us. The tiny hole had grown into a large, live geyser of molten rock and smoke. Suddenly an even larger quake sent us onto our bellies, and from behind us gigantic chunks of rock and lava spewed forth. Kala and I ran as fast as we could up the side of the bowl, being sent to our feet by little earthquakes many times.
When we reached the top of the bowl, we continued to the top of the mountain at all speed. When we reached it, Kala and I stopped to rest, safe from the searing lava that was oozing down the west side of the mountain. From the hole, large chunks of rock, sizzling lava, and bursts of smoke poured forth.
The lava flowed to the west down the side of the mountain, and parts flowed into the river, creating a large amount of steam. After a few minutes, the explosions began to abate, and a few minutes later, it was just an bubbling pit of lava.
“Well, that was interesting.” I said as we watched the last of the lava harden.
“I'll say.” Kala replied. “Looks like the show's over now, though.”


  1. Nice. That must be new. I was wondering what you meant when you mentioned "exploding volcanoes". :D

  2. Yup... A lot has change since I last sent the whole book to you... Do you want me to e-mail you the new version???

  3. Yes, please! I can't guarantee that I'll read it immediately, but sure!