Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Zarcadia...comes immediately after scroll...

“Well, from the riddle it seems that he wants us to go to Abel’s cave after all, father said last night that the stories were real, not that I doubted or anything.” Zathuran said.

“We should leave as soon as possible.”

“No,” Zathuran said slowly. “I can’t leave today. I’m going to need an evennight before we leave.”

“I’ll leave you to your loss.” Kareem slipped quietly from the room as Zathuran explored the thought of the quest to come.

* * * * *

Kareem knew that he’d spend most of the day packing and getting ready for the trip. He grabbed two sacks out of a cabinet. Kareem baked a lot of scones and put them into two bags, dividing them equally for each traveler. . He brewed raspberry cordial and filled two large gallon sized barrels. He continued to busy himself with provisioning until the sacks were full.

“Alright, that’s coming along nicely.” He said quietly to himself.

From the armory room he took two swords with sheaths, as well as a few slings that he and Zathuran used to practice with. After a moment’s consideration he also selected several knives. He decided to make two belts with sheaths strapped for the knives and swords, and hoped they could fit the slings into their sacks. By the time he finished working it was dark.

He made a meal for two and went up to Zathuran’s room and called him to eat.

“I’m not very hungry.” Zathuran replied from inside the shut door.

“You have to eat, even when you’re depressed. I understand completely, but that’s no reason to kill yourself from starvation!” Kareem called through the door.

He heard Zathuran sigh and slide off his bed. Kareem walked downstairs.

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