Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Diary of the Endless War....

At one time, the Earth Empire ruled the galaxy. Eventually, the Empire grew so large that it became fragmented and consumed by civil war that stretched across the galaxy.
Three distinct factions—the United Earth Federation, the Aeon Illuminate, and the Cybran Nation—emerged from the chaos. Unable to coexist peacefully, they spent the next thousand years fighting for control of the galaxy.
Dubbed the Infinite War, the conflict claimed billions of lives. It only ended when an even greater threat appeared, an invasion by an alien race called the Seraphim. Faced with extinction, the three factions put aside their differences and formed the Colonial Defense Coalition to turn back the alien menace.
After the Seraphim were defeated, the Coalition became the governing body of the galaxy. Its first act was to tear down the Quantum Gate network, the primary method of traveling to and from distant systems. It was a largely symbolic act: by restricting the ability to move armies nearly instantaneously over large distances, it greatly diminished the chances of another intergalactic war. The cost was greater isolation for distant colonies, but most saw this as a perfectly reasonable trade-off.
Because of this isolation, each planet has its own governing body, and each colony has its own governorship. The individual factions remain in name and maintain their own military forces, though they're all bound by one set of ruling law.

Or so goes the plot of Supreme Commander 2, one of my favorite and the best computer games... And off of which I have based a new book idea, The Diary of the Endless War. Here's the prologue...


Kaylen Brörk sat staring angrily at her computer screen. Her game had malfunctioned, somehow. All the screen showed was an image of a black hole, and above it was the words “Hit Enter and Enter.”
“C'mon. Don't freeze up now!” Kaylen hit enter, but nothing happened. She hit it again, and waited. The image of the black hole slowly spun and sparkled. Something in Kaylen's mind seemed drawn to it. Se reached up and touched the image. It almost was as if she could feel it and not just the computer screen. He other hand impaitently hit enter again. Suddenlt she felt something. In a second her mind went black. She felt as if she was falling. Suddenly her mind cleared and she was standing in the middle of a large room. Directly in front of her sat a tall girl who looked at her blankly.
“How did you come to be here?” The girl asked.
“I don't really know.” Kaylen replied. “I don't even know where I am.” The girl held out her hand and Kaylen shook it warmly.
“Well, you can stay with us until we figure out where you're from. Pleased to meet you, my name is Thalia Kael of the Aeon Illuminate.” Kaylen froze.
“What is it? You look pale.” Thalia said.
“N-no.” Kaylen stammered. “I think I just realized where I am and were I'm from.” She stopped.
“Were are you from, then?” Thalia asked quietly.
“I'm from reality, I got here through my computer, and this is my computer game that I was playing, and you're just a figment of software.” Kaylen said slowly. Thalia laughed.
“I'm sorry, but you must be crazy. I'm real, I can assure you. You must've been traspored here by some improperly blanced tanspotation device, for you were just beamed in like normal. Poor girl, you must've hit your head before you came. Come, maybe a warm drink will help you.” Thalia put her arms around Kaylen's back and led her out of the room.

Yeah, I know it's really random... Just like me...

Thalia Kael

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