Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Zarcadia...the next scene...

Zathuran woke in his bed, with a wet cloth on his forehead. He immediately jumped up and opened his door. He walked down the stair-case.
“Kareem?” Zathuran yelled.
He made his way through his palace; to the dining room. Kareem was sitting on a chair beside a long oak-wood dining table.
“Good morning Zathuran! I have breakfast all prepared for you. You’re lucky you didn’t have to lift a hundred-fifty-or so pound man the other night.” Kareem said, trying to cheer his friend up.
Kareem’s light-brown eyes wavered with a smile.
“Oh, be quiet. Thanks, and what did you do with my father’s body?”
“What custom demands, of course. His remains are being prepared for the burial at the conclusion of your quest.”
“Right.” Zathuran said slowly.
He couldn’t stop the tears from flowing; as much as he wanted to.
“He was a good man, Zathuran, and a good king. I bet you’ll be a great king as well.” Kareem had his hand on Zathuran’s shoulder; the same spot where his father had touched him last night.
“Thank you, Kareem. If I ever had a younger brother, it’d be you.”
“I didn’t think you’d mind, but I went ahead and read the scroll your father gave you last night. Sounds very interesting. You should read it.”
“No, I can’t. I don’t want to.” Zathuran replied and turned to look at the sunlight through the window.
“You must though, Zathuran. It is your future and your purpose to become the king.” Kareem insisted.
“Fine, open it then.”
Kareem opened and unrolled it, and they read it silently.

Find the large cave in the north,
He will call you to come forward.
Answer him and ask the question,
And he will help you finish your task.
Find the secret to the May River at its tail.
Seek the Warrior in time of trouble,
And he will help you face off evil.
Then you shall raid the chain of caves.
At depths end cave that the beast guards,
Something you will find.
Now you shall find the secret of the Zarascan Falls.
Arms you will find taken from people of old.
For this part, you will need to find a current,
Then when you see a huge ice mountain, your next thing will find you.
If you are daring enough to take another step,
Scale mount Zarcathca and enter the cave of legends,
Obtain the power and wealth without deprivation.
And for your final possession,
Travel to the forbidden valley.
Search for the powerful steed,
That is the only thing that keeps this dark valley balanced.


  1. You might wanna clarify that Kareem is a servant.

  2. The book'll get around to it...