Friday, November 6, 2009

Okay, since you all seem to be inexplicably silent...

...I thought I'd do a wee post that's completely unrelated to anything I've ever put on here before. The following has only once left my personal computer, and so I have no idea whatsoever as to its quality/value. It's just a little novella concept. I think.

So... be forewarned.

Ever since I can remember, I’ve lived in a white school. The walls are white, the beds in the dormitories are white, and our clothes are white. Even we are white, as pale as bone, with yellow hair and blue eyes. Apparently someone who lived long ago thought that white was beautiful.
“It’s a shame that he had to die so young,” all the teachers sighed. Whenever I would ask who this person was, all I would get was mysterious whispers of things that had no meaning to me. Either no one actually knew who this person was, or no one wanted to talk about him. I had no way of knowing, since the only books we were ever allowed to read were dry, boring school books—bland words on white paper in books with white covers.
One morning, however, my world was thrown out of orbit. I caught sight of someone new, sneaking furtively down the hall. His hair was black, as was his clothing, but his eyes, which I saw when he looked at me, were as blue as mine. Our eyes met for the smallest part of a second, but then he vanished. I blinked and stared at where he had been. There was no door in sight, and I knew that it was physically impossible to disappear into thin air. Our teachers had pounded that into our heads from the moment we were born.
And yet this person had utterly and completely disappeared. He was gone far too fast to have run away. I meandered to my next class, thinking about this. I arrived late, of course, and got a sound scolding from my math teacher, who told me that I was not to wander around, especially not wander around thinking.
“But isn’t that how we get probes into space?” I wondered. “People must think for that.”
“That thinking was done long ago. There is no need for the common people to think anymore. The government does all your thinking for you,” the teacher returned tartly, and I slunk to my chair, chastened. As I slid into it, my friend Greta slipped a note to me under the desk.
“What was that?” it asked. I flipped it over and scribbled, “Tell you later.”
I sat through class quietly, as was required, but I couldn’t keep my mind off the person I had seen in the hall. I felt like I had seen him before, but I knew that the only people I had ever known were fair-haired. This bothered me well into the night, making it so I couldn’t sleep, which was an oddity for anyone as genetically engineered as I.
After I had been asleep only about an hour, something woke me up. I sat up partway and looked around, but the dormitory was completely still. Everyone else was lying flat on their backs, breathing steadily, as perfect people should. I lay back down, but I couldn’t sleep. My heart was pounding as if it wanted to break free of its cage.
A shadow moved by my head. I jumped up and suppressed a scream. I told myself to calm down. There was no reason for fear in a perfect world.
Then a hand covered my mouth and pulled me back down to the bed.
“Don’t move. We don’t want to set off security,” a voice said. The person I had seen in the hall appeared beside me. His longish hair nearly concealed the tiny earpiece he wore, which was connected to a small display that all but covered his right eye.
“I’m going to get you out of here,” he whispered.
“What? …Why? What are you doing?” I hissed, once he uncovered my mouth. He darted a glance at me.
“Be quiet. If you make much more noise, I’m going to leave you here and let you explain why you woke everybody up in the middle of the night,” he warned, and grabbed my wrist. “Hold still.” He pressed a button on his right wrist, and my vision exploded into parti-colored lights. I tried to shriek, but my voice wouldn’t respond. When I tried to move, I realized that I had completely lost control of my body. This revelation fed a growing sense of panic that manifested itself once I regained charge of my limbs. I let out a full-throated yell, only to lose control of everything again.
This time, the lack of feeling lasted only a few seconds. When I could see again, I was standing in a darkened hallway, and the person who had kidnapped me was standing in front of me, shaking his right arm.
“Blast it, my transporter stopped working… Oh, you’re back. We have to be perfectly clear about some things. First of all, I’m not kidnapping you. I’m rescuing you. Second, the people in the compound I’m rescuing you from were going to kill you eventually. Third, you have to agree to do everything I say if you want to get out of this alive,” he instructed. For the first time I noticed that he spoke rather quickly, with an exotic, lilting accent. I’d never heard an accent like that before, and it fascinated me.
“Well?” he asked impatiently. “I don’t have all night.”
“Oh, um… why am I agreeing to get out of here if I didn’t ask to be gotten out?” I returned. The person looked at me, and I saw that his eyes had a luminescence all their own.
“But you want to get out,” he said, stating, not questioning. With a shiver, I realized that he had said almost exactly what I was thinking. With another shiver, I realized that this was not the first time he had done this.
“How do you know?” I inquired suspiciously, stalling for time.
“You don’t need extra time. You know what you need to do,” the person shot back.
“Oh, fine. I guess I’ll go with you. Who are you, anyway?” I wondered. The person fixed me with his patently unsettling eyes for a moment before he responded.
“My name is Rennach,” he said quietly, and began walking away. “Now come with me.”


  1. very nice. kinda freaky too. i got back from hunting just now. i got nothing but everyone else basically did.

  2. Post more, I wanna find out how he reads her mind!!